What’s on your destination dream list?

Our specialties are trips to Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, the continental United States, and Canada. Launch your dream, by land or by sea, at Suzqz Travels.

With over three decades in the travel industry, we’ve flown the airlines, cruised the ships, stayed in the hotels and inns, gone on the excursions, and seen the key attractions at virtually every destination. As a result, we have a multitude of insider info and tips to share.

Susan McDougal, Suzqz Travels

I have been a wanderlust for my entire life!

My passion for travel began when I accompanied my family on a three-month European adventure at age nine. From our home base in Great Britain, we traversed the continent, from France and Germany to Switzerland and more. That unforgettable trip ignited within me a deep appreciation for other countries and cultures and inspired me to learn more. Later, as I watched my mother work with clients, airlines and affiliated businesses in her own agency, my determination to specialize in travel strengthened. I wanted everyone to enjoy the world as I did!

Now, after 34 years as a travel specialist with some of the best agencies in the Southeast, and most recently as a corporate level director, I have returned to focus on my first love: helping great people plan extraordinary trips through Suzqz Travels.

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